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Wasp Nest Pest Control
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Pest Control Hampshire are your first choice for fast and efficient wasp nest removal services throughout Portsmouth, Southampton, Basingstoke and Hampshire and the surrounding areas. Our highly experienced professional team are on hand for all your pest control needs.

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Wasp Nest Removal

Trying to remove a wasp nest yourself can be extremely dangerous if you try to remove it yourself. Wasps that are inside the nest will begin to feel threatened and often become very aggressive.

Wasp nest treatment and removal are vital if you want to get rid of wasps from around your home and to reduce the risk of getting painful wasp stings.

The wasps will try to protect their young so will likely try to attack and sting you. You should always call a professional pest control team for wasp nest removal. We will provide all wasp removal and pest control services to eradicate wasps and wasps nests from your property.

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How Do We Do This?

We have access to personal protective equipment (PPE) and respiratory protective equipment (RPE).

 This equipment fully protects us from wasp stings, ensuring our safety when removing a wasp nest.

Our team are also fully trained to work in small and confined spaces like attics and outbuildings. Our specialist training allows us to remove a wasp nest from your property successfully. We can visit both residential and commercial properties.

We fully understand the urgency if you find a wasp nest and will visit your premises promptly.  Our professional pest control team has expert knowledge of wasps and their removal. We are fully trained to know and understand their behaviour and instincts.

Wasps can build their nests almost anywhere including Garden sheds and children's playhouses, lofts, basements and attic areas, cracks, gaps and fissures in walls, gutters and roof linings.

How long does a wasp nest last?

 A wasp nest lasts for one season only, this season will start in Spring usually around April and ends in the autumn/winter. In the majority of cases, wasp nests can last as long as three to four months.

However, this is presuming predators do not attack the nest or wasps. In some cases, the queen moves out of the nest.  When the temperature begins to drop, wasp numbers will follow suit.

However, it is not unusual for a nest to last throughout the Summer. Once we remove the nest wasps rarely come back, and if they do, they will only remain for a few hours. It is rare for wasps to rebuild their nest in the same location as their old one.

Some people think that if they kill the queen wasp, the other wasps will leave the nest. You will rarely see the queen outside the nest during the Summer months. If you did kill her, it would most likely only lead in a swarm of angry, aggressive wasps in your location.

If you kill a wasp, as it is dying it will release chemical signals that tell other wasps in the area to be on the defensive. If a wasp nest is nor treated, it's doubtful they will disappear on their own.

 It is always best for full removal of the nest. Once a colony has been established, the worker wasps will defend their nest at any cost. The lifespan of a wasp will vary depending on the type of wasp. The social worker wasps (females) have an average lifespan of 12-22 days. However, drones (males) will live slightly longer. The queen wasp can live up to one year because they hibernate.

How is a wasp nest removed?

Our professionally trained wasp exterminators have access to, a variety of pest control products not available to the public.

These products are far more potent than any DIY products you can purchase and we have a proven track record of successfully removing wasp nests.

The pest control technicians will make sure no people are nearby while they treat the nest; this is to eliminate the possibility of anyone getting stung. Our team will wear full personal protective equipment and respiratory protective equipment.

Depending on where the nest is located at your property, the technician will apply a treatment of aerosols, dusts and liquids to the nest. The type of treatment used will also depend on whether you have a wasp or hornets' nest. Once the colony has been removed, our technicians will eradicate the nest, so a new colony of wasps or hornets do not try to use it in the future.

Some wasps, including yellow jackets, often build their nests below ground, making it difficult to treat. Our team have the expertise to identify the specific species.

Every treatment we use is tailored to ensure effective control of the wasp or hornet nest, depending on its location. Our team will also offer all the advice and information you require to prevent future wasp or hornets nests in the future.

If you are looking for wasp nest removal in the Hampshire and Surrey areas, we can help. Our expert team are available to provide fast wasp nest pest control today.

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