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What Problems Can A Pest Infestation Cause Your Business

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  • 24-11-2021
What Problems Can A Pest Infestation Cause Your Business

Have you considered: what problems can a pest infestation cause your business? We look at the health problems caused by pest infestations as well as potential financial loss to your business.

How much do pest infestations cost businesses?

Businesses whose industries are regulated heavily like healthcare, food and agriculture are typically used to the stressful pressures that come with the impending threat of pests. 

Suppose a company finds themselves having to destroy a pest-infested product or recall materials to ensure consumer safety. In that case, this could have a potentially detrimental cost and put a company out of millions of pounds. 

Although the risk of a pest infestation is lesser in regards to companies not involved in face to face customer interaction, the direct and indirect costs to the business could still add up significantly if an infestation ever is had. 

Most common commercial infestations include pests that multiply at an alarming rate, such as cockroaches and rodents. 

If unnoticed at first, a minor, unchecked pest problem can quickly and easily develop into a full-blown pest infestation in the space of only a few weeks. 

This can cause considerable disruption to regular business, and pest infestations can be challenging to eliminate and could take weeks to eradicate completely. 

How would a Pest Infestation Effect Your Business?

Pest control can be a very serious problem for any commercial operation. An infestation of pests can have a severely devastating impact on companies in all kinds of industries. 

It can cause long-lasting harm to their brand reputation, legal implications, revenue loss and in serious cases, business closure.

 A significant number of businesses globally have fallen into disarray due to sub-par pest control measures resulting in several problems. 

What Problems Can A Pest Infestation Cause Your Business? Pest Control Portsmouth, Southampton, Basingstoke And Hampshire

For example, a manufacturer of sandwiches based in North Yorkshire was forced into a three-day factory closure by local authorities due to a rat infestation. 

During an inspection, the local authorities had to order the business to cease their operations in part of their factory as the pest infestation would have posed a significant risk to the food being produced. Hence, action had to be taken to protect public health. 

Another pest infestation case occurred in a bakery in London, where the business had to close after a health inspector discovered pigeons and cockroaches in the bakery's storeroom. It's not only the food companies that can be disrupted due to pest control issues; hotels have been known to have to close down due to infestations of bed bugs. 

And in the UK, rodent, cockroach, bedbug and flea infestations are growing concerns within the hospital and care industry.  

What Problems Can A Pest Infestation Cause Your Business?

The worst thing a pest infestation can do to a business is cause temporary or, in worst cases, permanent closure. 

Still, aside from this, infestations of pests can cause many additional ongoing stresses for companies. It is extremely important that adequate pest control measures are put in place within a business. 

If you are the owner of a business, it is your duty to ensure that any pests such as insects, birds or and rodents are kept out of and away from your business premises for the best interest of your company.

Reputation Damage


Damage to your reputation can be absolutely detrimental to the well being of any company. Reputation damage is one of the most apparent dangers that threaten a business when a pest infestation occurs. 

Any company that finds itself with a publicised pest control issue will have their reputation within the community vastly diminish almost instantly. 

Their company name will be tarnished to the public, and this can be an extremely tough, if not impossible, reputation to restore. 

The threat of a total reputation crash is only made worse by the rising popularity of social media as news can spread on sites like TripAdvisor, Twitter and Facebook at lightning speed. 

If a customer notices a rat or mouse either in or around your establishment, they won't hesitate in putting in a complaint and never return. They will most likely then tell all of their family and friends about it, including talking about it online on social media. 

They could even make a report about it to the local authorities, causing a possible investigation into your business where if any pest problems are actually found, this could escalate into making the local paper headlines. 

Suppose you do manage to control the situation there and then, that damage to your reputation alone can be a seriously difficult thing to bounce back from. 

Businesses typically rely heavily on word of mouth from customers, so any rumours of pest problems such as insects, birds and rodents, could very quickly lead to fewer and fewer customers walking through your door. 

In the case of pest control, prevention is always better than a cure. It is in the best interest of your business to employ professional pest control services to ensure there are no potential pest issues on your premises and that the reputation of your business will remain intact.

Property and Merchandise Damage

Of course, pests are wild animals and will typically scrounge and scavenge whatever food and waste materials they can get their claws on. 

Rats and mice, for example, will chew and gnaw through almost anything as their incisor teeth are continually growing around five inches per year throughout their lifespan and have to be worn down by chewing on things.

Rodents will chew on concrete, wood, electrical wiring and even metal. They will gnaw through any of the stock that you may have lying around the place and will contaminate, eat and damage any food products they can gain access to. 

Property And Merchandise Damage Pest Infestation

Birds are also known for causing huge problems for businesses as they build nests in drains and gutters that can clog up and cause a flood risk. 

The nests that birds build will typically be made from dried materials like weeds, grass, straw and feathers. 

When located near any electrical equipment, these materials can become a fire hazard. Birds could also cause significant damage to the roof of your building, and this could lead to more health and safety problems. 

If a bird builds a nest under one of your roof tiles, that tile can then become unlodged and unstable, creating a risk of it falling from the roof and onto a passerby beneath. 

It is recommended that you contact professional pest control and specialist bird control services in order to ensure your establishment is adequately protected against any potential ongoing threats.

Health Hazards

Health Hazards Pest Infestation

Customers don't even have to directly spot any insects, rodents or birds roaming around your business premises for there to be a problem. Almost every species of pest will carry a variety of different diseases and bacteria. 

These can cause severe health issues if anyone should happen to consume a piece of food that has been contaminated or come in contact with any contaminated surfaces or other things. 

Droppings and urine from cockroaches, rodents and birds all carry some form of health risk, such as things like hantavirus and salmonella. These can be extremely dangerous to people. 

On top of this, droppings from birds can leave a lingering, terrible smell, are downright unsightly and can be the cause of a slipping hazard for customers and other pedestrians around your premises. 

If somebody slips whilst on your property or a customer becomes ill because they have come into contact with any contaminated surfaces or foods, then your company may be faced with a claim for compensation. 

This can then lead to an investigation by environmental health, which means your company will have to deal with the inevitable damage to its reputation. These kinds of incidents can almost be impossible to come back from, so ensuring that your business has all the correct pest control measures in place is imperative. 

Loss of business

Disappointed customers can cause a domino effect for your business. Suppose one customer starts to spread negativity around your business due to an experience they have had with a pest infestation incident. 

In that case, this will affect the perceptions of other customers and drive them all away. Customers are always the main priority with any company, so retaining customers is the most essential aspect of the business.

Fall of revenue

If your business starts to lose customers, then this will, in turn, mean a significant loss of revenue. 

If patrons and clients are made aware that there are pest issues within your business, they will most likely cease to purchase your products or want to do any kind of business with you.

Shutting down the business

It's not uncommon for a business to have to shut down due to a pest infestation. If a company does manage to reopen eventually, rebranding will be very difficult, as would attracting any customers and regaining their interest and loyalty. 

This tarnished reputation can likely result in the company having to close its doors forever. If you leave your business unprotected, you could experience a pest infestation that can cause huge problems if not solved quickly and quietly. Therefore, prevention is always key.

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