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Mice Pest Control
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Have you got a mouse problem? We provide professional mice pest control services to remove mouse infestations from your home or business. Call today for rat control in Portsmouth, Southampton, Basingstoke and Hampshire.

We understand that discovering you may have mice problems in your business or home can be particularly distressing. Mice have been known to spread diseases and damage property during their search for food and shelter.

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Mice Pest Control Portsmouth, Southampton, Basingstoke And Hampshire

Mice Removal

Their ability to carry disease can pose significant health risks, particularly in kitchens and food storage areas. Mice are well known for multiplying rapidly, which in turn can exponentially increase the problem. 

Promptly gaining control of a mice infestation is crucial, so if you have any indication of a rodent problem on your property, don't hesitate to get in touch with our professional pest control team at Pest Control Hampshire to request a free quote. 

Mice can seriously damage your property as they are notorious for chewing through things such as doors, floorboards, wiring, pipes and insulation, as well as shredding up soft materials around your property to build their nests.

They will gnaw through small gaps in your house and can also bite through electrical wiring, which could cause a fire risk. 

Mice carry pathogens in their urine and droppings that can transmit diseases such as Salmonellosis and Hantavirus, therefore causing contamination of all foodstuffs and surfaces. 

If you make sure to inspect for prevalent signs of mice, you may be able to identify a problem early, ensuring that prompt and effective pest control treatment can happen as soon as possible. 

Our team of professional pest control technicians at Pest Control Hampshire are trained to the highest level to provide swift, effective and targeted solutions for a wide range of pests in Portsmouth, Southampton, Basingstoke and surrounding local Hampshire areas.

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Signs of Mice

Suppose you have noticed any unusual, ammonia-like smells on your property, or you have spotted any small dark droppings. In that case, a rodent infestation on your property is a strong possibility. 

Other signs you might notice are greasy blemishes on your walls or skirting boards, shredded soft materials or gnaw marks around your home or business. Mice are usually nocturnal creatures; they prefer to stay hidden during the day and then search for food from dusk till dawn.

Mice can remain hidden in your property for a considerable amount of time before you could even begin to suspect a problem. If you discover any signs of mouse activity on your property, our highly-trained professional pest control technicians can confirm the presence of mice and provide safe, targeted, and effective treatments to resolve any pest control issues.

Mice can produce anywhere between 50 to 80 droppings per night, and they are typically small, dark and rounded in shape, so it is worth checking inside and on top of cupboards, along skirting boards and behind furniture for those. 

Rodent bodies are usually dirty and full of grease, so it is not uncommon for mice to leave marks and smears on your walls, skirts and floors when they brush their bodies against them; they may also leave feet marks on any dusty surfaces.

It is also worth listening out for any scratching noises at night when mice are most active. These noises are likely to come from between partition walls, the basement or loft and under floorboards. 

Mice like to build nests using easy to shred materials from your property such as paper, cardboard and fabrics. You should check cavity walls, lofts, suspended ceilings, behind furniture, behind kitchen appliances, under floorboards and in airing cupboards for any signs of nesting.   

Due to their frequent urination, mice can smell considerably bad. The ammonia in their urine produces a powerful smell that can linger even weeks after the infestation has been dealt with.

Spotting a mouse on your property during the daytime could indicate that you have an established case where the infestation is heavy. In this case, you may notice a urine pillar. 

A urine pillar is where dirt, urine and body grease from the rodents can combine and build up into small mounds. This situation is highly unhealthy in any building, and emergency pest control will need to be contacted immediately for a removal job. 

Our pest control team at Pest Control Hampshire can help you eradicate any infestation efficiently, whether large or small. 

How to Prevent Mice

An effective way to prevent a rodent infestation includes proofing your home or business to keep the pests out. 

The most reliable way to discourage mice from entering your property is to make sure you block any gaps and possible entry points and ensure areas, where they may build a nest are cleared and tidied. Mice have incredibly soft skeletons and can easily get through gaps as small as the width of a pencil. 

So it is important to be thorough when you attempt to prevent mice from entering your property. Reducing the chances of mice entering your home or company property will also significantly reduce the damage and health risks they may cause. 

Mice are extremely good at climbing. They have the capacity to scale rough, vertical surfaces and can walk steadily across thin cables and wires, so it is vital to ensure any gaps available higher up the building are located and dealt with to adequately protect your property from being entered. 

How to get rid of mice

We understand that a potential mouse infestation on your property can be uncomfortable and concerning, which is why our friendly and reliable team of pest control experts at Pest Control Hampshire are always on hand to help efficiently eradicate any pest problems you might have. 

Mice are a widespread problem, and the fastest, most effective way to be rid of them is to entrust us with our specialised targeted mice treatments. 

Our professional Hampshire pest control services include a quick emergency response, a thorough initial survey to establish the level of infestation and the source, fast and effective pest control treatments safely implemented by certified pest control technicians, along with helpful advice and guidance for our customers with proofing your property and preventing future infestations. 

The pest control technicians will make sure no people are nearby while they treat the nest; this is to eliminate the possibility of anyone getting stung. Our team will wear full personal protective equipment and respiratory protective equipment.

All of our pest control treatments are tailored to ensure the safety of families and pets, so if you have noticed any of the tell-tale signs of a mouse infestation in your home or business and need help or guidance with pest control in Hampshire or surrounding areas, then please call us now so we can quickly and efficiently resolve the issue for you. 

If you are looking for mouse removal in the Hampshire and Surrey areas, we can help. Our expert team are available to provide fast mouse pest control today.

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