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Are you looking for fleas pest control in Hampshire? We provide professional flea control to remove flea infestations from your home or business. We offer our pest control services throughout Portsmouth, Southampton, Basingstoke and Hampshire.

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If you are searching for a flea exterminator near me, our pest control service specialises in flea treatment and removal.

Fleas are a widespread pest control problem in UK homes. They are especially common in homes with pets; however, you could still discover a household flea problem even if you don't have pets. If previous owners of your property had any cats or dogs, fleas could have remained in the home. 

Other animals, especially hairy ones, such as rabbits, foxes, rats, squirrels, mice and even pigs, can also carry fleas. As parasites, the most significant concern about the presence of fleas in your house or business premises is their bites. 

Although a flea bite is not painful, it can result in a highly uncomfortable itch or reactive rash. Your household pets may also develop allergies to flea saliva.

At Pest Control Hampshire, our highly-trained professional local pest control services team can proudly provide our customers with the most beneficial and dependable integrated pest management approach to flea control. 

We thoroughly assess each individual situation to provide you with the very best immediate and long term flea control solutions in the Portsmouth, Southampton, Basingstoke and Hampshire areas. Through years of pest control experience, we can guarantee to provide impeccable service.

Our flea exterminator is based in Camberley working in the surrounding areas of Surrey and Hampshire.

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How to Identify Signs of Fleas?

A telltale sign of fleas in the home is if you notice that your cat or dog seems to be in some discomfort and is constantly scratching or biting at their fur. 

Human fleas are relatively uncommon in the UK as they find it extremely hard to compete against vacuum cleaners and pesticides. Household pets, however, may, unfortunately, come into contact with cat and dog fleas. This could lead to a flea infestation in your property and the need for pest control services to help you get rid of them. 

There are some signs to look out for if you suspect your animal may have fleas. Sometimes you can actually see the fleas crawling on your pet's coat. 

They are ordinarily reddy-brown, about 2mm long, and are typically easier to spot on the neck and head of your cat or the hindquarters of your dog. You may also spot small black flea droppings on the skin or coat of your pet; this looks like ground black pepper and can be easier to see if you use a flea comb and some white paper. 

Flea droppings could also appear on your furniture, bedding, carpets and rugs. If you believe your home has a flea infestation, we at Pest Control Hampshire are at hand to happily deal with all flea problems thoroughly and rapidly, even on the same day. 

We are a fully qualified pest control team trained in undertaking all kinds of flea infestations and flea prevention services for both domestic and commercial properties in the Hampshire area. 

Contact us, and we will also offer you helpful advice and guidance on any pest control problem you might have while ensuring we eradicate these pests from your property.

What are Flea Bites?

Adult flea bites look like small red dots and often appear in clusters around lower legs, feet and ankles. Flea bites on humans can cause distress; however, your pets often suffer much more with them. If your pet has been bitten, you may notice them frantically scratching themselves and biting the fleas in their fur. 

A flea bite is not particularly distressing to humans. Still, you will often be aware as soon as you have been bitten as, depending on your sensitivity, you may develop some uncomfortable itchiness around the bite. Fleabites can have numerous symptoms. 

They are itchy on the skin, and in some cases, can cause you to develop hives or a rash near the bitten area. It is recommended to abstain from scratching the bitten area as this can grow into a bacterial infection, and contact a doctor if any kind of allergic reaction occurs. 

If you notice a flea has bitten you in your home, it is recommended that you commence pest control procedures promptly. Our experienced team at Pest Control Hampshire are fully trained in flea behaviour patterns and can quickly assess the situation and apply suitable flea treatment for your individual circumstances. 

Our experts will apply flea treatments to any affected area in your Hampshire home or business for flea removal and prevent any more fleas from returning. DIY treatments could temporarily fix the situation, but we are qualified to provide long-term solutions in all flea treatment measures with a comprehensive service. We offer an initial assessment, pest control treatment and preventative treatment and advice. 

Preventing Flea Problems

The most reliable way to help prevent fleas in your home is to exert some simple pest control precautions. 

Fleas can reproduce extremely quickly, making it difficult to deter fleas in your home entirely without any professional help. Pets are the primary source of transporting fleas into the house. There are some handy tips available to help you try and prevent flea problems from developing in your property. 

An important thing you can do is vacuum regularly.

You should ensure any pet bedding is stripped and washed weekly, ideally at above 50°C. 

You should make sure to check your household pets regularly with a flea comb as they can easily catch the pests from other outside wildlife such as rabbits, rodents, foxes, and deer and carry them into your home.

Fleas can feed on organic matter in bedding, carpets & furniture, and they are also incredibly tiny, making them almost impossible to spot on these surfaces. Hence, it is essential to keep these things as thoroughly clean as possible to try and remove any potential food supply. 

If you have moved into a new home, examine carpets and floorings for eggs or signs of flea residue. If the previous owners had any pets, there is a significant chance that some pests may have been left over as flea cocoons can stay dormant for up to two years and hatch when conditions are ideal. 

Fleas can also have a lifecycle from anything between two weeks to eight months. Our reliable and experienced pest control team is thoroughly trained and qualified to safely and efficiently perform the eradication and prevention process. Contact us today for a free quote. 

If you are looking for flea  removal in the Hampshire and Surrey areas, we can help. Our expert team are available to provide fast flea pest control today.

Contact our flea exterminator today if you experience a flea problem in your home or business.

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