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Bed Bugs Pest Control
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Do you require bed bugs pest control in Hampshire? We provide professional services to remove  bed bugs infestations from your home or business. We offer our pest control services throughout Portsmouth, Southampton, Basingstoke and Hampshire.

Bed bugs are one of the most detested household pests in the UK. They leave disgusting reddish brown spots on your bedding, feed on you whilst you slumber and are just a general inconvenience to have in the home.

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bed bug treatment 

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If you require professional bed bug treatment, our pest controllers can offer a range of options for extermination and removal. Our Camberley based pest control company offers fast and effective solutions to remove bed bugs from your home.

Bed Bugs Treatment and Pest Control Portsmouth, Southampton, Basingstoke And Hampshire

Bed Bug Removal

Whilst DIY bed bug removal techniques can get the job done for a short period, it is definitely beneficial to enlist the help of a professional pest management company to help you eradicate the pest problem entirely and apply prevention methods. That's where our trusty professional team at Pest Control Hampshire come in. 

Bed bugs are parasitic insects with a talent for travelling. Scientists have estimated that there are around 90 species of bed bugs in existence worldwide.

However, the main culprit that has adapted to human environments is the common bed bug. Bed bugs can be extremely tough to control because they carry a negative stigma, so people will sometimes avoid calling a professional straight away due to embarrassment. Instead, they might try using an amateur product, which could actually prolong the infestation and lead it to spiral out of control. 

Our experienced team at Pest Control Hampshire are confident in the services we provide throughout domestic and commercial properties in the Portsmouth, Southampton, Basingstoke and Hampshire areas. We have proudly earned an unequalled reputation for professionalism, discretion, impeccable customer services and high work standards with special training in pest control services.

If you require bed bug treatment near you, contact our pest control experts today. We are based in Camberley working in the surrounding areas of Surrey and Hampshire.

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Why we control bed bugs

It is important to control a bed bug infestation as soon as possible, and one main reason for that is they are notorious for biting.

Bed bugs have been known to harbour various pathogens. However, transmission to humans has not yet been proven and is believed to be unlikely. Although there are no known disease risks associated with bed bugs, their bites can cause intense stress and irritation.

Everyone will react differently to a bed bug bite; some people may develop red, irritating blemishes, marks or lumps, while others may not have a response to the bite at all. Bed bug bites can be incredibly itchy and cause unpleasant swelling, with excessive scratching sometimes leading to infections. 

Bed bugs can also be detrimental to a business. Suppose you discover your business establishment has a bed bug infestation. In that case, you must contact a professional pest control service immediately as if allowed to spread; the problem can end up being rather expensive. Businesses that are most likely to experience a bed bug infestation are hotels, bed and breakfasts, office buildings, cinemas, etc. 

A bed bug infestation could be costly as you may have to replace furniture, bedding, towels, mattresses, carpets etc., as well as having to close for extensive treatment. If the word gets out that your business has a bed bug infestation, this could significantly affect your reputation, causing a loss on future revenue. Customers may also request refunds and leave you with negative, damaging reviews. 

The worst-case scenario would be if any media report on your situation and causes further reputational deterioration. Unfortunately, there are no DIY solutions available to try yourself that will eradicate bed bugs entirely once they have spread, as bed bug infestations are notoriously difficult to get rid of. 

Luckily our professional and reliable team at Pest Control Hampshire proudly offers same-day, discreet emergency bed bug control services that will completely exterminate any bed bugs from your property.

Identifying signs of bed bugs 

A bed bug infestation can often take a while to notice due to how subtle the signs are. However, if you happen to experience any of the following, you may have bed bugs in your home. 

The most significant sign is if you happen to develop any red coloured, irritating bites, typically on your neck, shoulders, legs, back or arms, that can appear in rows. Although bed bug bites alone might not necessarily mean you have an infestation in your home and it is beneficial to search for further evidence. 

You can usually find tiny reddish-brown blood smear clusters or dark faecal spots about 1mm wide on the bed frame, headboard, bedding or mattress bottom. 

Another sign you could have a bed bug problem is if you notice any tiny empty eggshells, white eggs, moulted bug skins or even the bed bugs themselves anywhere around your sleeping area. If you are unsure about any of these signs, it is highly recommended you call a professional to help you. 

We at Pest Control Hampshire understand that bed bug infestations can cause significant distress for homeowners and businesses, which is why our team of fully trained bed bug treatment specialists are guaranteed to apply all necessary measures to swiftly and efficiently remove the pests from your property. 

How to prevent bed bugs

It is generally pretty impossible to completely prevent a bed bug infestation. However, there are some things you can do to reduce your chances of getting an infestation significantly. 

Before staying in or moving into new accommodation, ensure you thoroughly check for signs of bed bugs and avoid putting your luggage directly on any furniture before you do to prevent bugs from attaching themselves to your belongings. Make sure to search for any signs around the bed, paying particular attention to the edges of the mattress, the bedding and the headboard. 

When buying any second-hand furniture, clothes or bedding, be sure to thoroughly check them for any signs of bed bugs before bringing them onto your property. Regular cleaning, washing and vacuuming around your property will help lessen the possibility of an infestation occurring. 

We at Pest Control Hampshire can offer effective treatments to help eradicate bed bugs quickly and with ease. We can supply these services to properties in the local regions, including Portsmouth, Basingstoke, Southampton and any nearby Hampshire areas. As soon as you begin to notice a bed bug infestation in your home, give us a call. These pests can quickly bury themselves in bedding, clothing and furniture, so the sooner we treat the site, the better. 

Getting rid of bed bugs

Suppose you discover a bed bug infestation in your home. In that case, it is heavily recommended you act immediately by contacting a professional pest control company in your area.

DIY treatments for bed bug infestations with amateur pesticides are unlikely to be successful, and failed treatments are sure to occur if accurate knowledge of bed bugs is lacking. 

Studies have suggested that bed bugs have developed ways to resist some insecticides, and in a lot of cases, they can make the infestation much worse by causing the bed bugs to relocate elsewhere in the house or even to adjacent properties. 

If you find any bed bugs in your property, make sure to strip and thoroughly clean all bedding, clothes and other fabrics at a hot temperature and if using insecticides, always carefully follow the instructions on the label. 

We at Pest Control Hampshire are a team of highly-trained professionals with extensive knowledge, access to a range of professional products and equipment not available to the general public, so if your bug-infested property is in the Hampshire area, get in touch with us for a free quote or free advice, 24 hours, 7 days a week. 

If you require bed bugs pest control in Hampshire get in touch today. We will leave no stone unturned when dealing with your infestation and will carry out the eradication rapidly and efficiently. 

Call 07973 700 006 today to discuss your bed bug problem. We offer the best prices for bed bug treatment throughout Portsmouth, Southampton and Hampshire.

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